Fire safety is a topic that must be taken seriously by anyone who lives in an apartment. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, 40% of all structure fires in the US occur in apartments and townhomes. This is a scary statistic, but there are things you can do to keep yourself, your family, and your neighbors safe. It’s important to understand that apartment dwellers may have limited evacuation options, so taking preventative measures is crucial. Following apartment fire safety tips can reduce fire risk and protect yourself and those around you. As a responsible apartment owner, renter, or property manager, you must ensure that fire safety is always a top priority.


Apartment Fire Prevention


Following an apartment fire safety prevention checklist can lower the chances of an accident. Be sure to:

  • Have at least one working smoke alarm and test it regularly
  • Don’t run electrical cords under rugs
  • Keep space heaters at least three feet away from anything flammable, such as curtains
  • Don’t obstruct your fire escape window
  • Check that you can easily open windows from the inside
  • Keep stairwells clean
  • Don’t leave candles or the stove unattended


Ensure the Safety of You and Your Neighbors


As a tenant in an apartment complex, it’s crucial to understand your role in keeping everyone safe. Building management typically maintains the fire alarms but promptly reports any malfunctions you notice to the maintenance team. Additionally, be aware of the location of fire alarms and extinguishers for easy access in emergencies. Remember, the law requires building upkeep, and landlords have legal responsibility for providing a safe living environment. If you notice any unsafe conditions, file a complaint or consider taking legal action to ensure your safety and that of fellow tenants.


Make a Fire Escape Plan


A fire escape plan is not just important – it could save your life in an emergency. Ensure you know all possible exits from your building and prepare an escape route. This will keep you calm and collected if a fire occurs. Count the number of doors to your exit for easy tracking, and have at least two planned routes in case one is blocked. Practice the escape plan with everyone in your household to ensure everyone knows exactly what to do. Practice rolling out of bed, crawling to avoid smoke, and opening doors from the ground to be fully prepared. Lastly, arrange a safe meeting place so everyone can convene after escaping, assuring that everyone is accounted for.


Make Sure You’re Prepared


In case of a fire in your apartment, it is crucial to take immediate action. Follow your established escape plan, ensuring that you close the door behind you to contain the fire. Equally important steps include setting off the building alarm and calling 911. If you hear the fire alarm, crawl to your door. However, if it feels hot, do not open it. Instead, use an alternate escape route or call 911 if needed. For high-rise apartment buildings, hang a light-colored sheet outside a window and keep the window closed while waiting for the fire department. If you have a pet, purchase a carrier in advance and ensure they are covered to reduce stress. Lastly, wait for a firefighter’s instruction before entering the building and inform them if you know of someone who is trapped.


Get the Legal Support You Deserve for Apartment Fire Claims 


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