We wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, but unfortunately, accidents do happen in the workplace for varying reasons. The nature of the accident one may face is dependent on the nature of their job and so it’s only proper that there are varying laws that protect them and workers’ comp benefits that will assist them in their recovery.

Below we highlight some of the most common workplace accidents to caution everyone and remind them of their rights.

1.     Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall incidents are definitely the most common of all workplace accidents even though they’re probably the easiest to prevent. You will see signs everywhere, especially when a floor is slippery, though they still occur. Fortunately, slipping and falling typically only result in minor injuries, but that’s not to say that it can’t yield major ones too.

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2.     Falling Hazards

Falling objects follow the trail of slips and falls closely behind. This kind of incident also happens across varying industries, especially in warehouses where there are objects stored atop racks and containers.

Common sense and mindfulness will definitely cut down the risk of injuries because of falling objects, ranging from minor to fatal ones depending on what fell and where it fell from. Don’t take that helmet for granted and make sure hazardous objects are properly secure in place at all times.

3.     Overexertion

Workers should be given an ample amount of time to rest and just the right workload on any given day because repetitive stress (especially on existing injuries) and exhaustion may lead to workplace accidents and injuries.

This applies to repetitive jobs and too much lifting, bending, and varying motions that result in injuries.

4.     Fire-Related Incidents

Fire is unpredictable and no matter how much preparation your company has to prevent it, it can happen during the most unexpected instances. Fires and explosions can lead to injuries like respiratory damage, blast injuries, crush injuries, burns, inhaling of toxic substances, and disfigurement.

5.     Vehicular Accidents

We know why vehicular accidents happen but what is not clear is which are considered workplace incidents. Workers’ compensation claims cover when your job requires you to drive around frequently. It also covers you whether you are using a personal or a company vehicle, or even if you are just driving on a business trip or on your way to work.

6.     Machine-Related Incidents

Unfortunately, machine-related incidents can lead to serious bodily injuries and even the loss of limbs. In the worst cases, they can lead to death. Please always urge your company to keep a safe workplace around these machines and with everyone not taking safety precautions lightly.

7.     Violence

If your job is to maintain peace or attend to injuries yourself, then you are part of the 20% of workers that are prone to violence-inflicted injuries. Please be sure to know your rights and claim your compensation should injury arise.

State law ensures that everyone is protected when it comes to work-related injuries. Make sure to know your rights and always consult a firm that truly cares and has been battling insurance companies for over half a century.

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