Spring Driving Safety Tips


The spring season may let you think you can let your guard down, but that isn’t usually the case. Instead, you should be more wary come springtime because of the many driving hazards of the season — rain, animals, and pedestrians who, like you, are now outside to enjoy the sun as well. These driving safety tips are all the things you need to consider when you’re driving.


Follow these Spring Driving Safety Tips so you can fully enjoy the season of blooms!


Look Out for Ice, Salt, and Sand


While you might think that the sun has already melted all the snow and ice, chances are there are still some left on some roads. Drive slowly, always be on the lookout for ice spots, and keep the alertness that you had when you were still in winter driving mode.

In addition to ice, you should also look out for leftover sand and salt in some areas. While these are useful in driving for winter, salt, and sand left on the road during spring can make traction difficult.


Drive Slowly During Rain Showers


Rain occurs frequently during spring; when this happens, there’s extra danger on the road. When there’s a downpour, the water from the rain causes the oil from cars to rise on the road, making it slick and slippery. When this happens, it’s crucial that you drive slowly and stay in the middle lane to avoid downpours from the outside lanes. It is also useful to turn on your headlights.

You should also look out for floods. Heavy rains, melting snow, and a slightly frozen road can easily lead to flooding.

Watch Out for Pedestrians — As Well As Animals


As the temperature warms up, people come out of their homes to enjoy the weather. For crowded areas like malls, schools, and parks, drive with caution and keep alert for crossing pedestrians. You should also look out for other cars, bikers, and motorcycles. Exercise the right of way when driving.

For some animals, the spring season ends their hibernation and starts the beginning of their mating season. Since they increase their activity during dusk and dawn, you must exercise caution and be on high alert when driving during these times of the day.


Motorcycles Are Out


Motorcycle riders love to get out on their bikes when the weather breaks. They enjoy the sun, warmth, and the feel of the wind as they ride. Make sure that you watch out for them, as motorcycles are sometimes harder to see.

Always remember – Look Twice to Save a Life. Before you pull out into traffic, look both ways – twice. Make sure the road is clear, and especially make sure to look out for motorcycles. It is hard sometimes to see motorcycles, and an extra look can potentially avoid devastating accidents. 


Avoid Sun Glares When Driving


If sun glares distract you when driving, wear polarized sunglasses and use sun visors. Also, consider the time of the day when you drive. The sun glares are at their peak during mornings and late afternoon.


Don’t Be Distracted!


Getting distracted on the road is one of the leading causes of driving accidents. Put away your phone, get comfortable, and plan your route ahead of time to avoid distractions.


Spring Driving Safety 


Before heading out, ensure your car is in peak condition. Check your tires’ condition, clean your wipers, and check your brakes. If you’ve been injured in a spring auto accident, contact Gallon Law at 419-843-6663.