Workers’ Compensation – Additional Compensation

Additional Compensation You May Be Entitled to From Workers’ Compensation


Did you know that even if your Workers’ Compensation claim has been approved, there are three other significant forms of potential compensation you may also be qualified to receive? Don’t make the mistake many other claimants have made. It’s worth taking a look to see if you are getting all you may be entitled to with your claim.

The Additional Benefits Are:


Do You Have a Permanent Partial Loss?

  • The law allows you a money award for permanent partial loss of physical or psychological function.There are specific steps that must be followed to get this award. It is highly unlikely your employer will tell you about this award. Speaking with our experienced Ohio Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help determine if you qualify.


Are You Eligible for Wage Loss?

  • If as a result of your injury you are forced into alternative work that pays less than what you used to make, you may be entitled to a wage loss award for the difference. There are a number of possible awards regarding wage loss, but again, it is unlikely your employer will you tell you about it. Seeking the advice of our experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney can help you determine if you qualify.


Is Your Injury Subject to a Cash Settlement?

  • Your claim may be entitled to a cash settlement. The law entitles you to settle your case with Workers’ Compensation. The cash payment is in exchange for closing out your Workers’ Compensation claim.This process may require significant negotiation. Once, again, this is a benefit you’re not likely to be told about by your employer. Having an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney to assist ensures you obtain the full amount.

Robert Fiedler explains that these additional benefits can mean for you.


It’s important to know what awards you may be eligible for besides the initial medical claims. Contact us today for a Free Settlement Evaluation to determine if any avenues for compensation have been missed.

This is your injury and it can impact you for the rest of your life. Make sure you understand all of your options.

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