As we enter the new year 2024, it is imperative to reflect on 2023’s Toledo Auto Accident Statistics. Lucas County witnessed an alarming total of 11,750 crashes, averaging approximately 30 daily incidents. These figures are not mere statistics; they embody the lives affected and irrevocably changed by these crashes. At Gallon, Takacs & Boissoneault, we firmly believe in advocating for those who have endured injuries in these accidents and vehemently fighting for the compensation they rightfully deserve. Let us collaborate wholeheartedly to ensure that 2024 becomes a safer year on the roads for all individuals.


Monthly Breakdown of Crashes


January Accidents: 1,109

February Accidents: 880

March Accidents: 938

April Accidents: 922

May Accidents: 1,013

June Accidents: 960

JulyAccidents: 967

August Accidents: 977

September Accidents: 963

October Accidents: 1,086

November Accidents: 1,070

December Accidents: 965


Fatalities and Injuries


Out of the 11,750 crashes, 52 accidents were fatal, while 2,974 resulted in injuries. According to the statistics, 25% of all accidents in Lucas County resulted in some level of injury. It emphasizes the importance of adhering to traffic rules and actively practicing defensive driving.


Weekday vs. Weekend Accidents


Thursdays and Fridays exhibited the highest number of accidents, totaling 3,825 crashes. Interestingly, Sundays, on the other hand, had the least number of accidents, with only 1,267 recorded incidents. Surprisingly, Mondays recorded the most accidents, with 1,572 crashes. These findings suggest that weekdays are more accident-prone than weekends, providing valuable information for daily commuters.


Common Causes of Car Accidents


Approximately 27% of all accidents resulted from failure to yield, accounting for 1,998 cases. Furthermore, the report also reveals that accidents involving older adults and teenagers were more prevalent than other age groups. Moreover, among the recorded accidents, 315 were alcohol-related. Additionally, 703 accidents involved commercial vehicles. These figures shed light on various causes of accidents, emphasizing the actions drivers can take to prevent them.


Peak Hours and Traffic


During the analysis of crash hours, it was found that 31% of all accidents occurred between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. This information is crucial for commuters returning home during peak traffic hours, highlighting the need to exercise extra caution on busy roads.



The Most Accident-Prone Roads in Lucas County, Ohio, in 2023



State Route 2


State Route 2 had 821 accidents in 2023, making it the most accident-prone road in Lucas County. It’s a major highway that connects the county to many other cities and towns in the state. This route’s high number of accidents is mainly due to its narrow lanes and fast-moving traffic. It’s crucial to drive cautiously on this road and always observe the speed limit.


State Route 20


On the other hand, State Route 20, which had 649 accidents, also made it on the list of the most accident-prone roads in Lucas County in 2023. This road is heavily used by both commercial and personal vehicles, and it’s often congested during peak hours. Drivers should be patient and avoid reckless driving to help prevent accidents on this route.


US 24


US 24 had 639 accidents in 2023 in Lucas County, ranking third on the list. A significant contributor to the high number of accidents on this road is driver negligence, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, texting while driving, and other distractions. Drivers should always prioritize safety over other activities while on the road.




Another road, IR-475, had 624 accidents, making it the fourth most accident-prone road in the county in 2023. IR-475 is a major interstate that connects several states and is often used by heavy trucks transporting goods. It’s essential to exercise caution on this road, especially while overtaking.


State Route 51


Lastly, SR 51 had 582 accidents. Furthermore, closely followed by IR75, there were 463 accidents in Lucas County in 2023. The high number of accidents on these roads could be attributed to several factors, including weather conditions, driver inexperience, and inadequate road maintenance.



2023 Common Causes of Accidents in Lucas County



Mature Driver Accidents


In Lucas County, Ohio, in 2023, drivers over 65 were responsible for 4,194 accidents. Moreover, aging results in a decline in reflexes and cognitive abilities, which can hurt driving. Consequently, mature drivers must exercise additional caution while operating a vehicle.


Youth-Related Accidents


According to the report, 3,485 Lucas County, Ohio accidents were attributed to drivers aged 16-21. These accidents are primarily caused by reckless driving, over-speeding, and distracted driving, which frequently involve the use of a mobile device.


Failure to Yield


Drivers failing to yield caused 1,998 recorded accidents in 2023 in Lucas County, Ohio. These accidents stem from rushing, failure to perceive oncoming traffic, or misjudging the situation. It is vital to drive attentively, be considerate of other drivers, and yield appropriately when necessary.


Speed Related Accidents


As we all know, speeding is one of the leading causes of accidents worldwide. In 2023, 800 accidents were caused in Lucas County, Ohio, due to speeding. Over-speeding reduces the time available to react to changing situations on the road, leaving no margin for error. It increases the chances of losing control of the vehicle, leading to a disastrous accident.


Running a Red Light


Running a red light is a severe traffic violation that can lead to accidents. Additionally, in 2023, 657 accidents in Lucas County, Ohio, were caused by drivers running a red light. Drivers usually do this when they are in a hurry, distracted, or misjudge the speed of the incoming car. Furthermore, running a red light is not only a violation but also puts the driver’s and other’s lives in danger.


Alcohol & Drug Related Accidents


According to the data for 2023, there were a total of 315 alcohol-related crashes in Lucas County. Of those, 120 were injury crashes, meaning over 35% resulted in someone getting hurt. This is a staggering number, underscoring just how serious the issue is. The use of drugs and alcohol while driving impairs a driver’s judgment and slows down their reaction time, making it harder to concentrate, stay awake, or react to emergencies.


The Impact of an Accident 


Of course, these statistics only tell part of the story. Behind each figure is a person who has somehow been affected by the accident. Whether it’s a severe injury or a fatal crash, the emotional toll can be overwhelming. While the emotional impact is the most significant burden, it is often accompanied by financial and legal consequences. Medical bills, lost wages, and legal fees can quickly add up, becoming an enormous burden for individuals and their families.

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