Motorcycle Accident Risk FactorsThroughout Ohio and Southeast Michigan, hundreds of motorcyclists suffer injuries in collisions every year. These accidents often lead to serious injuries and, in severe cases, death. Keep reading for the 5 most common motorcycle accident risk factors.

#1: Speeding

Speed is one of the most common causes of vehicle collisions throughout the United States. The higher the speed a vehicle travels at, the more difficult it is for the vehicle to stop. Speed limits are in place to help drivers handle sudden incidents, such as a motorcyclist making a sudden turn. Speeding can also lead to breaking other traffic laws, such as running stop lights or ignoring yield signs. Vehicles who are speeding can easily crash into a motorcyclist, causing severe injuries.

#2: Failure to Follow Traffic Laws

Drivers who speed past stop signs, ignore traffic lights, disregard yield signs, or break any traffic law put the drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians around them at risk. Traffic laws are in place to protect people on the road, and drivers who fail to follow these laws can easily cause an accident with a motorcyclist.

#3: Alcohol and Drug Use

Driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs is incredibly dangerous and leads to thousands of deaths and injuries per year. Drivers who consume these substances and get behind the wheel significantly impair their judgement. They cannot respond to sudden events on the road in an appropriate manner. In addition, intoxication causes drivers to ignore vital traffic laws. Any of these conditions can cause a vehicle-motorcycle collision.

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#4: Motorcycle Malfunction

Many things can go wrong when operating a motorcycle. Whether it is a product defect, a manufacturing error, or a result of inadequate maintenance, the vehicle could malfunction and send a motorcyclist into a dangerous situation. Brakes could fail, a tire can pop, or something could go wrong with the engine. Whatever happens, a malfunctioning motorcycle can cause serious injury and death.

#5: Unsafe Lane Changes

Motorcyclists depend on drivers staying aware of their presence while they’re on the road. However, drivers might fail to check the road before changing lanes and collide with a motorcycle. In addition, the driver could fail to signal before they enter the next lane, leaving the motorcyclist with little time to react.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries due to a motorcycle accident in Ohio or Southeast Michigan, help is available. You can recover damages to compensate for your losses through a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim.

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