Can My Social Security Disability Benefits Be Taken Away?

It’s common for people who receive Social Security disability to wonder whether they may eventually lose their benefits for one reason or another. It’s unlikely, but possible, for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to revoke an individual’s benefits under some circumstances. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the way the SSA handles ongoing Social Security disability benefits and the situations that could lead to losing them.

Understanding Continuing Disability Reviews

The disability benefits provided by the SSA exist to provide disabled individuals with the means to maintain an acceptable quality of life and receive medical treatment for their conditions, as necessary. Some conditions may improve with time, and the SSA conducts Continuing Disability Reviews on all disability benefits recipients to ensure they still need and qualify for benefit payments.

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Continuing Disability Reviews occur about once every three years, during which time the SSA will interview and investigate a disability recipient to determine ongoing eligibility for benefits payments. After a recipient reaches age 50, these Continuing Disability Reviews may only occur once every seven years.

Once the SSA schedules a Continuing Disability Review, the case goes to the recipient’s closest Disability Determination Service agency branch, which will review any new medical evidence available about the recipient’s condition. In some cases, a doctor appointed by the SSA may examine the recipient.

How You Might Lose Your Benefits

If a Social Security doctor determines that a recipient has experienced medical improvement and can work again, then the SSA may discontinue benefits payments to the individual.

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Many people who receive disability benefits work part time to help support their families. However, working too much could potentially lead to a loss of disability benefits. If the individual works enough to meet the standard for Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) or $1,260 or more per month, disability benefits payments will stop.

It is also possible to lose your benefits if you commit a crime. If convicted of a misdemeanor or felony while receiving disability benefits payments, you should expect to lose your benefits temporarily or permanently depending on the severity of the conviction.

Finding Legal Help to Maintain Your Disability Benefits

If you recently underwent a Continuing Disability Review and lost your benefits, or if the SSA has revoked your disability benefits eligibility for another reason, an attorney may be able to help you regain the disability benefits that you need.

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