The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) states that car collisions are more widespread from June to August. The agency also showed that traffic accidents are 30% more likely to occur during summer than any other season.

Summer trips are inevitable, but you can reduce your chances of encountering a car collision. This blog post will help you understand why traffic accidents are more common during summertime and what you must do if you encounter one.


Common Causes of Summer Driving Accidents


Researchers suggest various reasons why accidents are more likely to occur during summer than in other seasons. Based on their findings, here are some of the most commonly documented causes of summer driving accidents:


Increased Traffic


Many Americans plan their trips in the summer. Because of this increasing number of tourists, highways and city roads are bound to be congested. More road occupants mean higher chances of car collisions.

Moreover, heavy traffic also causes road rage. Agitated drivers are more prone to make bad decisions, such as overestimating the available space. This misjudgment could lead to a rear-end or head-on collision.


Teen Drivers


Many teenagers drive around with their friends during summer when school is out. Although teen drivers are not necessarily bad drivers, their lack of experience could cause an issue. Inexperienced drivers often hesitate or make other small mistakes that could result in a collision.



Summer is also the season of the year when most of the storms hit. This unpleasant weather condition makes it challenging for drivers to navigate the road. In addition, damp roads provide less friction, making it harder for cars to stop.



Motor vehicles run on oil and machinery, which are prone to overheating and other heat damage. Because of this, many cars break down in the middle of the road, which could cause a collision.


What Should I Do After a Summer Driving Accident?


There are a lot of things you need to do after you encounter a traffic accident. However, your priority must be your health and safety. To have a better understanding of what you must do after an accident, here’s a guide for you:


1. Try to Get to the Side of the Road If You Can


Although it is not generally advisable to move your car after an accident, it’s better to get your vehicle on the side of the road to prevent traffic congestion if you are able. A general rule is to follow the discretion of the responding law enforcer.


2. Call 911


Once you are in safer conditions, you must immediately contact emergency medical services. The emergency medical team will evaluate your current condition and check you for any post-accident injuries.

Even if you don’t have visible injuries, you must not reject a check-up from the medical team because some injuries manifest their signs days or even weeks after the accident.


3. Call a Lawyer


Hiring an experienced and reliable car collision attorney can ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. An experienced lawyer can help you establish a compelling case against the defendant and hold them liable for your damages.


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