Preventable medical mistakes can happen at any time and with any treatment. One setting that has a high risk and rate of errors is surgical operations — with at least 4,000 surgical errors seen yearly in the United States.

There are a myriad of possible reasons behind surgical errors. However, many are commonly caused by the following five reasons that lead to possible medical malpractice cases.


1. Lack of Communication among the Surgical Team


Whether it’s a total lack of communication or a miscommunication, these types of problems are a common cause of surgical mistakes. Communication issues can occur verbally, such as mishearing directions in person, over the phone, or through written form due to poor or illegible handwriting.


2. Poorly Marked Incisions 


Poorly marked incisions can result from communication issues. In turn, these can cause accidental incisions on the wrong parts of the body. A wrong incision may require additional incisions, longer surgery time, and harder recovery for the patient. In worst cases, the surgeon may complete the wrong type of surgical procedure or operate on the wrong body site.

3. Unsanitary Conditions in the Operating Room 


Strict sanitation conditions are imperative for surgical operations. Negligence plays a significant role in compromising patient safety, recovery, and the overall success of the procedure. Conducting surgeries in unsanitary conditions increases the risk of infection, cross-contamination, and other adverse events, including death.


4. Fatigue among the Surgical Team 


In addition to not all surgeries being completed within a couple of hours, hospitals do not always have a full staff of surgeons available. Consequently, fatigue and overwork are prevalent issues faced by surgeons.

The lack of sufficient rest not only for the lead surgeon but also for the rest of the team compromises overall safety during the surgery, potentially leading to mistakes, miscommunication, and errors in judgment.


5. Use of Defective or Outdated Equipment 


Surgical errors can be caused by defective or outdated equipment. Instrument defects may be due to factory issues, inadequate manufacturer inspection, or natural wearing out due to constant or prolonged use. Surgical equipment in poor condition can potentially cause injuries or infections that may risk patients’ lives.


The Consequences of Surgical Errors


Injuries due to surgical errors can result in lifelong difficulties for you or your loved ones. Aside from the physical consequences, it also takes its toll emotionally, mentally, socially, and financially. At worst, surgical errors may lead to death on the operating table, causing greater trauma to loved ones left behind.

Most cases and reasons behind surgical errors are acceptable grounds for medical malpractice — particularly if the event harmed you or your loved ones. Consulting a medical malpractice lawyer can help ensure you receive just compensation for the damages.


Seeking Help for Cases of Medical Malpractice


If you suspect you may have been a victim of medical malpractice caused by surgical mistakes, it is best to reach out to a lawyer specializing in such cases.

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