Trucking Safety Violations Lawyer

Did Trucking Company Negligence Cause Your Accident?


Trucking safety violations lawyer in Ohio

Many trucking accidents could have been prevented if the trucking company had followed state and federal maintenance and safety regulations. Unfortunately, trucking companies often violate these laws to save time and money.

At Gallon, Takacs & Boissoneault, we represent trucking injury victims and their families. When we find that a trucking company violated safety regulations, we work to hold that company liable for injuries and wrongful deaths caused by its negligence. We seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You may also receive funeral expenses and compensation for the personal loss of a loved one in wrongful death cases.

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations govern the commercial trucking industry, in part to reduce truck accidents. FMCSA regulations require commercial transportation companies to regularly inspect, repair and maintain all vehicles and equipment under their control in good condition. The company must keep records of the safety inspections and any repairs that are made. Operation of unsafe vehicles is not allowed.

Failing to perform safety and maintain inspections is just one safety violation. Additional violations may include:

  • Overloaded and improperly loaded trucks;
  • Worn or defective brakes and tires;
  • Speeding and reckless driving;
  • Requiring drivers to exceed the hours limitation; and
  • Fatigue.

We thoroughly investigate truck accidents to determine liability. It is important to begin the investigation immediately because the trucking company and its insurance carrier will respond within hours of the accident. Their insurance adjusters and lawyers will work hard to deny liability and shift the blame elsewhere, including on the other driver. To schedule a free consultation, please call 419-843-6663 or contact us online.