A Comprehensive Guide for Ohio and Michigan Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims



Navigating the legal landscape can be intimidating, especially for those affected by personal injury or wrongful death. Understanding statutes of limitations is crucial, as they determine the viability of your case. In Ohio and Michigan, where laws can differ, knowing the limits is vital to seeking justice and rightful compensation. Our guide explores these statutes, state differences, and how our legal professionals at Gallon, Takacs & Boissoneault can assist you.


What are the Statutes of Limitations?


State laws called statutes of limitations set time limits on how long you have to file a lawsuit after a personal injury or wrongful death. These limits vary by claim type and state and encourage prompt legal action and fairness for all parties involved.


Personal Injury Claims in Michigan and Ohio



Michigan Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury

In Michigan, the statute of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit is usually three years from the accident or injury date. This applies to various personal injury cases, including car accidents, medical malpractice, and slip-and-fall accidents.


Ohio Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury

The deadline for filing a personal injury claim in Ohio is typically two years from the incident. However, there are exceptions, like medical malpractice claims which must be filed within one year from the discovery of the injury or when it should have reasonably been discovered.



Wrongful Death Claims in Michigan and Ohio



Michigan Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations


For wrongful death cases in Michigan, the statute of limitations is within three years of the date of death. This applies to claims arising from someone’s wrongful act, neglect, or fault that causes death. It’s important to note that for parents to file a wrongful death claim for a minor child, they must do so within the three-year window from the date of the original injury, not the date of death.


Ohio Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations


In Ohio, the statute of limitations for wrongful death claims is generally two years from the date of death. Additionally, this applies to cases involving adult victims. Moreover, for minors, the two-year time frame begins when the individual turns 18.



The Importance of Understanding Statutes of Limitations



Failing to abide by the set statutes of limitations can have significant consequences for your legal rights. Moreover, if a claim is not filed within the stated time, the defendant can raise the statute of limitations as a defense. As a result, your case may be dismissed, regardless of how serious the injuries or extensive the damages are. Therefore, understanding statutes of limitations and being aware of these critical time frames is essential for anyone considering a personal injury or wrongful death claim.



Guidance on Navigating Statutes of Limitations



When it comes to filing personal injury or wrongful death claims, time is of the essence. If you are uncertain about the statute of limitations that applies to your case, it is vital to consult with a legal professional as soon as possible. Additionally, they can help you determine the correct deadline and guide you through the process of filing a claim. Moreover, professionals like the diligent team at Gallon, Takacs & Boissoneault are well-versed in the nuances of Ohio and Michigan laws and can provide the representation you need to ensure your case is given the appropriate attention it deserves.



Don’t Let Time Run Out on Your Claim



When dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury or wrongful death, the last thing on your mind might be a lawsuit. However, it is crucial to know and understand the statutes of limitations in your state. This knowledge will help you secure a just resolution to your case. In Ohio and Michigan, the legal professionals at Gallon, Takacs & Boissoneault are ready to assist you in protecting your rights and pursuing the compensation you deserve. Don’t let the clock run down on your claim – reach out to them today to ensure you take the necessary steps towards a favorable outcome for your injury or wrongful death case.



How a Personal Injury Attorney Redefines Your Path to Justice



At Gallon, Takacs & Boissoneault, our approach to personal injury and wrongful death cases is rooted in a commitment to each client’s well-being. Additionally, we blend compassionate guidance with aggressive advocacy, ensuring that you receive the support and results you deserve.

Compassionate Counsel



From the moment you contact us, our team is dedicated to understanding your unique situation with empathy and prescience. We listen to your story and your needs, providing compassionate counsel every step of the way.


Rigorous Investigation and Case Building



We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice. Furthermore, our legal team conducts a thorough investigation, consulting with experts in various fields to bolster your case with concrete evidence and credible testimony.


Seasoned Negotiators and Litigators



Our attorneys are seasoned negotiators, skilled at securing favorable settlements through strategic discussions. Moreover, if litigation is necessary, our litigators are formidable in the courtroom and prepared to stand up for your rights.


Responsive Communication



We strongly believe in the power of transparent, responsive communication. Furthermore, our clients are kept informed throughout the legal process, with their questions answered promptly and their concerns addressed.


Proven Track Record



We are proud of our track record of successful outcomes and satisfied clients. Moreover, our history of securing substantial settlements and verdicts speaks to our commitment and our skill in the field of personal injury and wrongful death law.



Your Local Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Advocates


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