Case Results


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DISCLAIMER: These results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the client’s cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.


Wrongful Death


$2,000,000: Daughter killed in apartment/college housing fire
$900,000: Single adult male struck by transit authority bus, resulting in death
$400,000: Man falls to death at work from fixed ladder that did not meet OSHA safety requirements (sued employer):
$400,000: Claim for family in electrocution death of 17-year-old boy
$400,000: Man crushed to death in giant stamping press when safety switch fails (bankrupt default)


Auto Accidents


$2.5 million: Pick-up truck loses control on icy turnpike, causing violent crash and disabling injuries
$600,000: Tragic death of 16-year-old boy in motor vehicle collision
$212,500: Rear-end collision leads to neck surgery
$200,000: T-bone collision results in neck surgery
$113,000: Lower leg fracture caused by rear-end collision
$300,000 (policy limits): Car slips off an icy road, crashes into a tree, and fractures passenger’s leg
$102,041: T-bone collision leaves lower leg with nerve damage
$125,819: Neck sprain/strain caused by rear-end collision
$152,500: Collision while attempting to pass results in injuries to neck, lower back, and head
$200,000: Surgical disk in the neck caused by rear-end collision
$650,000: At-fault driver runs a stop sign, causing pelvis, leg fractures, and crush injuries to the right foot
$885,000: Extensive bilateral foot injuries from head-on collision
$600,000: Improperly restrained in a wheelchair during transport, severe injuries occur in an auto accident
$700,000: Mother killed when driver goes left of center
$390,000: Daughter killed in one-car accident
$385,000: Severe neck, head, and shoulder injuries caused by driver who failed to yield
$160,000: Shoulder injury and surgical repair from motor vehicle collision
$100,000: Vehicular assault results in traumatic brain injury, loss of consciousness, amnesia, and post-concussion symptoms
$200,000: Combined aggravation of spondylosis leads to spondylolisthesis with surgical repair in motor vehicle collision
$110,000: Sprain/strain injuries to neck and back, delayed diagnosis of thoracic disc herniation from car accident
$112,500: Meniscus tear, neck strain, shoulder strain, back pain strain, and concussion with loss of consciousness from motor vehicle collision
$150,000: Knee injury and subsequent surgical repair from motor vehicle collision
$172,500: Head injury, post-concussion symptoms, and fractured vertebra from motor vehicle collision


Motorcycle Accidents


$1,250,000 – Truck pulling equipment trailer fails to yield at stop sign, resulting in the death of a motorcycle rider.
–  $1,000,000 – Motorcycle t-bone collision causing fractured arm. Surgery to repair the arm led to post-surgical complications, which ultimately resulted in pulmonary embolism and death.
$100,000 – As a result of a motorcycle crash, the individual suffered a head injury with a skull fracture, cerebral edema, rib fracture, and temporary respiratory failure.
$160,000 – Motorcycle collision caused by an at-fault driver pulling out of the parking lot, resulting in a right arm injury that required surgical repair.


Construction Accidents


$2,440,000: Truck driver suffers injury to foot when steel falls from loaded trailer.
$2,250,000: Wrongful death of a man at a construction site due to a crane accident.
$1,500,000: Injury at a construction site resulting in broken leg, multiple surgeries, and nerve damage.
$1,100,000: Crane failure resulting in death.
$800,000: Construction worker falls to death at steel mill construction project through unguarded opening in catwalk 50 feet off the ground.
$700,000: Crane injury at a construction site resulting in nerve damage.
$700,000: Wrongful death of worker at job site by defective crane.
$1,750,000: Crane accident resulting in a fractured skull with brain injury and a broken leg.


Truck Accidents


$1,000,000: Retired autoworker suffered leg amputation and severe injury to other leg and arm when a semi-truck swerved left of center and hit a small pickup head-on.
$650,000: A construction worker was critically injured when a semi-truck overturned on the Ohio Turnpike entrance ramp while on the way to the job site.
$600,000: Arm injuries, multiple surgeries, and permanent limitations caused by a semi-truck running a red light and causing a collision.
$850,000: Broken jaw, multiple rib fractures, internal bruising, and elbow injury resulting from a rear-end collision with a semi-truck.
$112,000: Neck injury caused by a delivery truck that backed into a car.
$200,000: Neck injury suffered by a dump truck driver who was run off the road by a box truck that crossed the center line.
$675,000: Severe leg fractures resulting from a car vs. semi collision.
$125,000: Motor vehicle collision resulting in a head injury, intracranial hemorrhage, loss of consciousness, and post-concussion syndrome.


Dog Bites


$100,000: Dog bite to lower lip resulted in keloid scar formation.


Boating and Watercraft Accidents


– $235,000 – Jet ski accident resulting in hip and pelvis fractures


Nursing Home Injuries


$135,000: An 88-year-old nursing home resident fell due to an inoperable chair alarm, resulting in a fracture of the facial bone.
$100,000: A dementia patient at a nursing home suffered a fall and hip fracture.
$140,000: An unexplained fall of a dementia resident at a nursing home resulted in a leg fracture.
$180,000: A nursing home resident sitting on a walker was pushed outdoors and suffered a fall, resulting in a head injury.


Workplace Accidents


$2,250,000: Workplace accident causing bilateral arm amputations.
$2,250,000: Young husband and father permanently disabled after being backed over by a front-end loader.
$1,000,000 (policy limits): Man dies following severe burns in a steel mill ladle incident.
$750,000: Man severely injured by improperly loaded pallets falling and striking his head.
$400,000: Severe injury caused by an electrical pole falling at a job site.
$390,000: A worker below was struck by a bolt from a cut-off steel beam falling from a rafter, causing neck injury.
$300,000 (bankrupt default): Man killed on an unguarded automatic welding machine.
$300,000: Partial loss of three fingers caused by an improperly guarded production line press firing unexpectedly.
$265,000: Severe ankle and leg fracture sustained following a fall from a roofing job due to a lack of fall prevention safety equipment.
$600,000: A forklift accident involving a worker resulted in a back injury requiring surgery.
$750,000: Husband killed while assembling a bag hopper after a fall.
$950,000: A bundle of steel tubing fell, resulting in crush injuries to both legs and amputation of the left leg.
$425,000: Crush injuries to the right foot caused by unloading weights slipping off the hook.
$250,000: Roadway construction worker struck by a wrong-way motorist, aggravating pre-existing neck and back conditions, requiring back surgery, and sustaining a head injury with post-concussion symptoms.


Defective Product


$233,250: Allegedly defective hip implant, resulting in the need for replacement surgery
$80,000: Defective shoe caused to fall and fracture to the lower leg. Allegedly
$390,000: Mini cannon explosion at campground resulting in abdominal surgery



Medical Malpractice


$725,000: Neurosurgeon negligence leading to permanent injury
$300,000: Obstetric nurse’s failure to recognize signs of fetal distress, resulting in fetal death
$275,000: Negligence of family physician in treating infection in a patient with a prosthetic heart valve, resulting in death
$225,000: Failure of family practice physician to recognize and treat MRSA infection, resulting in serious injury requiring skin grafting and permanent pain medication
$375,000: Nerve damage in hand due to negligent injection of antibiotic in the upper arm
$330,000: Burns to the face from a flash fire in the operating room


Slip & Fall


$700,000: Fall on black ice at an apartment complex, resulting in severe and permanent nerve damage.
$450,000: Blind man falls on steps at rented property, leading to severe injuries.
$400,000 (insurance limits): 17-year-old becomes paralyzed after second-floor porch rail fails, resulting in a fall to concrete below.
$94,220: Verdict against the State of Ohio for a fall on a slippery hospital floor, resulting in a non-surgical shoulder fracture.
$120,000: Tenant injured in apartment building due to negligently constructed staircase, resulting in rib fractures, bilateral knee injury, and surgical repair of a torn meniscus.


Farm Injuries


– $475,000: Young father and husband suffers crush injuries from a defective corn picker
– $400,000: Man struck and killed when bolt breaks on grain auger


Hunting/Gun Accidents


– $300,000 (insurance limits) – Hunter suffers shotgun wounds to leg in a hunting accident