It is probably no surprise to you that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. While there are many dangers for bikers on the roadway, three of the most common are also almost entirely preventable. This, however, requires both motorists and bikers being aware of the risk and paying extra attention. These motorcycle dangers include:

Drivers Changing Lanes

Motorists are safer than bikers because of the box of metal surrounding them. However, this metal box also creates blind spots, which prevent them from seeing other vehicles. When drivers change lanes without double-checking their blind spots, using properly adjusted mirrors, and utilizing turn signals, they can cause a collision when they merge into the other lane.

While this happens frequently with other cars, motorcycles are at an increased risk due to their small size. Many motorcyclists learn to be vigilant about watching for signs that a car is changing lanes, but it is difficult unless the driver uses his turn signals.

Drivers Turning Left

One of the most common motorcycle collisions occurs when a car is turning left at an intersection. Motorcyclists are often difficult to see and their speed can be hard to judge. The motorist fails to see the biker or attempts to beat him, causing a devastating crash.

Drivers should take time to double check for oncoming traffic, and never risk trying to beat another vehicle through an intersection. Motorcyclists should slow down when approaching intersections, and pay careful attention to the actions of cars turning left in case they need to make evasive maneuvers.

Drivers Opening Doors

Typically, when people think about drivers opening car doors in front of a biker, they think of someone on a bicycle. The same sort of incident, however, is all too common with motorcyclists. Even in a parking lot, these accidents can cause the motorcycle to turn over, causing injury and property damage.

When a driver opens their door, motorcyclists rarely have advance notice. Instead, it is almost entirely up to the motorist to prevent an open-door collision. Before ever opening a door, drivers and passengers should check and re-check for oncoming traffic. If possible, motorcyclists who see drivers sitting in a parked car should move toward the middle of the road, leaving plenty of room for the door to open.

Injured in an accident? Call a motorcycle accident attorney

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