Have a Safe and Injury-Free Memorial Day Weekend


For many people, Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. The days grow longer and warmer, with snow and frost giving way to blooming flowers and freshly landscaped lawns. Memorial Day Weekend brings barbecues, fireworks, and gatherings with friends and family. It’s also important to remember, honor, and celebrate those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. However, while celebrations are plentiful, Memorial Day Weekend accidents can include everything from burns and cuts to more serious injuries such as car accidents or falls. To ensure your holiday is enjoyable and safe, we’ve compiled some essential tips to help you navigate the weekend without incident.

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Ohio Memorial Day Weekend 2023: A Statistical Overview


Family gatherings, BBQs, and road trips traditionally mark Memorial Day weekend. It is a time to honor and remember those who have given their lives for our freedom. Unfortunately, it has also become a period of increased traffic and an uptick in road accidents. This past Memorial Day weekend in Ohio was no exception. The Ohio State Highway Patrol has released compelling statistics that reveal the significance of road safety and the essential role of law enforcement during this busy time.


A Sobering Statistic: 23 Lives Lost


According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, 23 individuals lost their lives in car crashes over the Memorial Day weekend in 2023. These fatalities occurred across 22 separate incidents, highlighting the severe consequences of hazardous driving behavior. The loss of these lives is a stark reminder of the importance of road safety measures and awareness, particularly during high-traffic holidays.


Impaired Driving: A Critical Concern


One of the most alarming aspects of the Memorial Day weekend statistics is the prevalence of impaired driving. State troopers made 399 impaired driving arrests over the holiday period. While this number is significant, it is slightly lower than the nearly 500 arrests made last year for operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) during the same weekend.

Impaired driving remains a critical concern, especially during holidays when social activities often involve alcohol. The Ohio State Highway Patrol’s efforts to curb this dangerous behavior through stringent enforcement and public awareness campaigns are vital in reducing these numbers and preventing loss of life.


Non-Enforcement and Motorist Assists


Beyond enforcement, the Ohio State Highway Patrol engaged in numerous non-enforcement contacts, making 10,463 interactions over the weekend. These included 2,107 motorist assists, demonstrating troopers’ broader role in ensuring road safety. Whether helping a stranded driver or providing essential information, these non-enforcement activities are crucial for maintaining safe travel conditions.


Traffic Enforcement Contacts


In addition to non-enforcement actions, troopers made 19,980 traffic enforcement contacts. These included citations and warnings for various infractions, focusing on hazardous driving behaviors. The objective is clear: to deter potential violators and encourage compliance with traffic laws. This proactive approach is essential to mitigate risks and enhance safety for all road users.


Safety Belt Citations


Another key area of focus was ensuring that motorists wore their safety belts. State troopers issued 2,797 safety belt citations over the Memorial Day weekend. Despite widespread awareness of the life-saving benefits of wearing a seatbelt, compliance is not universal. These citations serve as a reminder of the importance of buckling up every time you hit the road.

March 2023 Memorial Day Statistics

Stay Safe on the Water, Road, and Trails


Enjoying time on Ohio’s lakes, cycling leisurely, or hitting the road on your motorcycle? Remember these tips:

Boaters: Only let experienced boaters drive, follow water rules, and avoid distractions.

Bicyclists: If you’re new to cycling, choose less busy routes. Veterans should also share the road cautiously.

Motorcyclists: Wear protective gear and stay alert – not all motorists are looking out for you. Enjoy your ride safely this weekend!


Car Accidents: An Unfortunate Reality

Road trips to visit friends or family are popular over extended holiday weekends. However, the increase in traffic and the presence of fatigued drivers traveling long distances raise the likelihood of car accidents. Car accidents have become more common over Memorial Day Weekend with the influx of vehicles on the road. The combination of distracted driving, long distances, and increased traffic congestion can lead to severe consequences. Always prioritize safety by avoiding distractions, taking regular breaks to combat fatigue, and maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles.

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Tips for Safe Travel


  • Stay Alert: Watch out for drivers who may be distracted while looking for directions or talking on their phones, especially if unfamiliar with local roads. Also, watch out for stopped vehicles on the side of the road; if possible, always move over and give some space.
  • Avoid Road Rage: Heavy weekend traffic can lead to road rage, especially as people anxious to get out of town are in gridlocked traffic. Stay calm and avoid confrontations with erratic drivers.
  • Plan Your Route: Use GPS or navigation apps to plan your route ahead of time and avoid peak traffic hours.


The Top Risks of Memorial Day Injuries


Increased Alcohol Consumption


Memorial Day weekend often involves celebrations with alcohol, which, combined with more traffic, makes it one of the most dangerous times to drive. Many people may drink all day and feel tired rather than intoxicated at the end of the evening, leading them to make the dangerous decision to drive.

Tips to Avoid Drunk Driving

  • Designate a Driver: Ensure that someone in your group is a designated driver or arrange for alternative transportation like an Uber or Lyft.
  • Stay Overnight: If you’re celebrating far from home, consider staying overnight to avoid late-night driving.
  • Report Erratic Drivers: If you notice another vehicle driving erratically, such that the driver may be intoxicated, pull over safely and call 911 to report it. You may be saving lives.


Barbecuing and Fireworks: Fire Hazards

Favorite traditions over Memorial Day always include barbecues and fireworks. However, open grills, fire pits, and fireworks pose risks of burn injuries. Children and adults who are not paying close attention can suffer serious injuries.

Tips for Safe Celebrations

  • Maintain a Safety Zone: Keep a designated safety zone around grills and fire pits. Ensure that children stay clear of these areas.
  • Supervise Fireworks: Do not let children set off fireworks without the assistance of a sober adult. Always follow local laws and guidelines regarding fireworks.
  • Keep Fire Extinguishers Handy: Be prepared for emergencies by keeping a fire extinguisher nearby when using fireworks or grilling.


Memorial Day Weekend Accidents: If You Have Been Injured


No one expects an injury over Memorial Day, but more accidents involving injuries typically happen over the holiday weekend. If you or a loved one sustains an injury during the celebrations, it is essential to obtain legal representation to protect your rights.


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Have a Safe and Meaningful Memorial Weekend


Memorial Day is a time for celebration, reflection, and honoring those who gave their lives for our freedom. While you enjoy the festivities, it’s crucial to prioritize safety to avoid any unfortunate incidents. You can ensure a happy and injury-free Memorial Day weekend by following these tips for traveling, avoiding drunk driving, and safely handling barbecues and fireworks. Stay safe, and enjoy the start of summer!